How I work

A multidimensional integrative approach

To me effective therapy is not about diagnosis and certainly not about the cure.

My therapeutic approach aims at supporting you in discovering and making the meaning of your experiences and your felt sense of self, as well as becoming even more aware of your beliefs and understanding how they can shape your emotions, actions and experiences in life.

I offer counselling and psychotherapy in a non-judgmental, highly confidential and safe environment where you will be fully supported in exploring your challenges at your own pace, getting to the sources of your depression, doubts and insecurities and allowing you to develop a reparative awareness of those patterns that were not available to you before.

My therapeutic approach is “multidimensional integrative” which means that I creatively use different theoretical techniques ranging from psychodynamic to humanistic and existential, depending on the presenting issues, client`s desires and a number of sessions agreed.

I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and UK Council for Psychotherapy and work within their ethical framework, thus making sure that the best interests of my clients are always put first.